Refugee families often have endured many hardships on the road to resettlement and most have no choice in deciding where they will live. 

Most are excited about the opportunities available here, however, a huge barrier is learning the English language. While there are several intensive language programs throughout South Florida, our program is unique because we go into homes and teach people English in a comfortable and secure environment. Tutors work to develop a program and lessons to fit the individual needs of each family and form meaningful connections with their students.

Currently, RAA works with more than 90 individuals throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Our volunteers meet refugee families first as tutors and mentors, but often become long-lasting friends and are seen as family members. With our volunteers’ support, families learn English in their homes, learn how to manage family healthcare, manage transportation, pay bills, communicate with their children’s teachers and schools, help their children integrate, and make friends.  

Tutors are encouraged to use their lessons to not only teach students about life and culture in the U.S., but also to learn about the home culture and life of our refugee families.  

While RAA exists primarily to help our refugee families learn English and become more self-sufficient, ultimately, we hope to promote peace and understanding among the people of South Florida. As a young organization, our programs are expanding, and we have many plans to add new services as funding allows.

“What started as a way to help has become so much more. Our Syrian family is now considered to be our family. They have adopted us as much as we have adopted them. We are all so grateful to this program. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. You added to our family and theirs - and we couldn’t ask for more.”
— Christine Greene, Volunteer Tutor