Your support is vital to bridging the gap between getting settled and simply getting by.

Although the program began as an English language program for Syrian refugees, it quickly grew into much more. As the relationships between tutors and student developed, the tutors became mentors, resources, and friends. They have worked with students to create resumes and family budgets, advocated on behalf of the children for school bus passes and extra assistance with homework, and helped their families learn their way around Miami. These are only a handful of examples of how our tutors’ roles have expanded, and we are thrilled each day when our tutors report on their new efforts for their students. Responding to the unique needs of each student often involves trying to connect them with desperately needed services. In some cases, the tutors can provide the resources themselves, as with one tutor who helped her student prepare for a driver’s exam. But the tutors cannot provide all that their students need, especially as the families struggle to become self-sufficient. Your support, then, is vital to bridging the gap between getting settled and simply getting by. Offering financial support to RAA allows our organization to provide direct aid when needed, but more importantly, to create resource networks that will help our students develop the skills necessary to survive and thrive.

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