Whether you have a little bit of time to give or are looking for a bigger commitment, we have volunteer opportunities for you.

There are so many ways for you to help us support the refugee community in Miami. No prior teaching experience or knowledge of Arabic is required.  The families we work with are incredibly grateful for, and benefit so much from, the community’s support and assistance.


Most of our volunteers serve as English-language tutors. While some have teaching experience or English as a Foreign Language teaching certifications, the vast majority do not; anyone can help our new arrivals learn basic English. We provide materials and guidance, but volunteers set their own schedules and programs depending on the families’ abilities and needs. This is a great way to really get to know a family and make a tremendous impact on them as they adjust to life in the US!  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a tutor.

Family and Regional Coordinators

Each of our families has a team leader who serves as the primary point of contact for the family and for the team of tutors who work with that family. This team leader, or “family coordinator,” may also work as a tutor, but primarily helps to answer questions and to provide additional support.  Regional coordinators help to connect family coordinators and tutors to share resources, plan outings, and to provide other support as needed.

a taste of syria

RAA’s roots are in A Taste of Syria events. Individuals and organizations in South Florida have hosted dozens of luncheons and dinner parties where the delicious food is entirely prepared by refugees in our program. These meals provide an amazing opportunity for friends, neighbors, colleagues, church members, etc., to share a wonderful meal while meeting some of their new Syrian neighbors and learning about their culture and experiences. 100% of the profits go to the women who prepare the meals, providing a valuable source of income and independence to them.  Anyone can host a dinner— contact us for details!

Committee Work

RAA has several committees working to manage and improve our programs and events. These include Curriculum, Social Media, A Taste of Syria, Fundraising, Special Events, etc.  If one of these interests you, please let us know.

help desk

RAA has determined that our families require a lot of practical (not financial) support which has largely been provided by our tutors. As they navigate a new culture with limited language skills, they often encounter challenges with work, school, transportation arrangements, medical needs, public assistance, understanding mail, etc.  We are working to create a network of people who have or will develop some practical expertise in these and other areas and who will assist the refugees as needed.


In our first months, our volunteers have helped organize a lot of wonderful events and activities for our families, including summer camps for the children and a holiday drive to help share the spirit of the season.  RAA volunteers also worked with For Teens By Teens to help organize a free bazaar to help meet basic household needs and a fall festival for the children. If you would like to help out but can’t commit to long-term projects, this is a great way to help us during some special events!  


Our primary focus is on in-home tutoring.  However, some topics lend themselves to workshops.  We are actively looking for volunteers to host workshops on topics including budgeting, computer literacy, and preparing for job interviews.  We will work with volunteers to find an Arabic translator.  We are always looking for people to lead training workshops for our volunteer tutors.  Trainings for tutors might include cultural competency, teaching English as a Second Language, and establishing professional boundaries.  If you are interested in offering a workshop to our students or tutors, please contact us.


We are pleased to accept your donations.  100% of donations go towards supporting our programs. Please click here to help fund our programs!